We are committed to sustainable practices at Coburg Children’s Centre Inc., and are considered leaders in this space. Our sustainable practices are embedded in everything we do and central to every decision we make at the Centre.

This approach includes:

  • Housekeeping 7 purchasing practices
  • Policies and procedures
  • Strategies for working with children and families
  • Play materials and equipment

Some great examples of our sustainable practices are our commitment to ecologically responsible cleaning products, reusable cleaning and care products, growing some of our own produce, and minimising our waste. We aim for no single-use items unless required for hygiene practices.

Sustainability is also a large part of our educational program and children will be encouraged to see, not only the value of our physical and living environment, but get hands on and experience the awe and wonder of nature.


The success of our centre lies in part with our amazing community. As such, we encourage families to get involved if they can, whether it is to join the Board of Management or share something about your culture, history, profession, or special interest with the children.

We do not fundraise at Coburg Children’s Centre, however if you can contribute recycled goods in great condition for use in the playground or office, or for creating art, it’s most welcome. Sometimes we do a call out for a specific skill set to assist us with a particular task and are happy to have families be involved at the level they feel comfortable with.