Our centre has a wealth of history – for time immemorial, the traditional custodians of this land have been the Wurundjeri people – we pay respect to their elders, past and present and the Wurundjeri culture and history that is embedded along the Merri Creek. 

This area is also part of the historical Pentridge precinct – where the centre now sits in what was the laundry, nurses station and girls reformatory. In 2018, the centre was opened after extensive renovations, redesigned to create the Coburg Early Years Centre, which includes a Merri-bek Maternal and Child Health Clinic and our Early Learning Centre. The redesign created a range of stimulating indoor and outdoor spaces for children to learn and play.

Indoor Spaces

There are five children’s rooms at the centre, each supporting a different age group. We consulted with the Wurundjeri Land & Compensation Cultural Heritage Council Aboriginal Corporation to name our rooms in the Woi Wurrung language, which is the language of the traditional owners of the land in which we are located. Each room is furnished with age-appropriate furniture and resourced with activities and toys that reflect our community and facilitate engaging, open-ended and imaginative play.

Long Day Care for babies (from 6 months)

Balam Balam
Long Day Care for toddlers (from approximately 18 months)

Long Day Care with Integrated 3-year-old Kindergarten (children who turn 3 before 30th April)

Long Day Care with integrated 4-year-old kindergarten for 4-6 year olds (children who turn 4 before 30th April)


Sessional Kindergarten – 3-6 year old’s (children who turn 3 or 4 before 30th April)

Outdoor Spaces

The centre has a range of spaces that support different kinds of interactions and play, including activities that may be: active/quiet, indoor/outdoor, structured/unstructured, clean/messy, or wet/dry. These spaces can support group interactions as well as individual and introspective play. 

In 2019 we were successful in obtaining a significant grant from the Inclusive Kindergartens Facilities Program. This allows us to renovate the large yard into a more accessible space that caters to the abilities of all children.

Our babies and toddlers have separate play spaces, allowing them to participate in challenges appropriate to their development. Our 3 and 4 year old kindergarten children share a central outdoor space. 

As we value inquisitive, nature-based play, our outdoor space includes a range of native plants and a well-supervised water-based play area. The trees we planted in 2017 are beginning to provide a canopy of shade across the play spaces. 

To encourage children to explore and adapt to their outdoor environments, we regularly reconstruct and update our play spaces, creating exciting new challenges to stimulate and engage children attending the centre.