Sessional Kindergarten

Coburg Children’s Centre Inc (CCCI) now offers Sessional Kindergarten.

As of 2019 CCCI offers 2 different models of Sessional Kindergarten:

  • One group consists of 3 half days 8.30 to 1.30pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • The second group is 2 long days Tuesday and Thursday 8.30 to 4pm.

CCCI strives to offer an exceptional experience for the children and we do this by:

  • Having higher than required staff numbers in the room – We find that having above regulation educator numbers allows teachers time to focus more on individual children and their interests in their own learning and develop a more child centric teaching approach with the ability to follow children’s inquiry into subjects of interest to them.
  • Having the same children attend each, fostering the development of friendships amongst the children. Having the same teachers and educators each day allows them to know each child’s needs and interests.
  • Using indoor outdoor play which promotes agency in the children, giving them a sense of ownership over the program.
  • As a Centre that values sustainability, sustainable practices are modelled to the children encouraging an understanding of the need to care for their environment.
  • Providing lunch and snacks freshly prepared on premises in our brand new kitchen, using quality fresh and seasonal produce – food is plentiful, frequent and specific to all dietary requirements.
  • Incursions at no additional fee

Enrolments are now open for 2019. Please call us on 93547633 to inquire.