Children’s programs

Learning and development at our Centre

Our room teams have a minimum of one day per fortnight to plan

Children learn through play, interacting with each other and the things around them.

Our educators plan and develop a program of play experiences, document children’s developing knowledge, interests, skills and attitudes, and display for parents to read, question and contribute to. As an extension of our nature based philosophy Coburg Children’s Centre operate a Bush Kinder program each week.

Program planning

Planning each year is developed and refined through field knowledge, research, professional development and visits to other services. Each room team has a minimum one day per fortnight to plan and document:

  • the group setting plays a significant role in children’s learning and development
  • each child’s unique personality, individual pattern and timing of growth and development

Types of play experiences:

Children's work

Play experiences include art

  • balance of active/quiet; indoor/outdoor; structured/unstructured; clean/sometimes messy; wet/dry, with both group and individual participation
  • language and literature, music and movement, art, dramatic and imaginative, science and mathematics, sensory and physical play opportunities
  • encourage use of own ideas and imagination – ‘open-ended’ play experiences
  • focus on the process of ‘learning by doing’ not necessarily the end-product

Our philosophy and values are interpreted in the context of state and national early years frameworks.

Parent involvement

We share the children’s program and how your family can contribute through:

  1. being available at the end of the day to discuss children’s progress
  2. making specific time with parents as needed or requested
  3. inviting parents to contribute to documentation of their child’s records

Our philosophy of welcome includes extended family members to visit us and see the Centre and your family’s input can create a lifelong positive memory for a child. Volunteers don’t provide care for children. However, we welcome parents and visitors who can offer their skills.

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