Sustainability and inclusion

Recycling at our Centre

Sustainability: recycling at our Centre

Our philosophy supports the belief that a positive environmental attitude develops at an early age. Our approach involves policy development, housekeeping practices, play experiences and strategies for working with children, staff and parents.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and refuse

  • We use Tri Nature external_link_icon, environmental cleaning products
  • We recycle paper and have bins for paper in all rooms
  • We teach children about recycling
  • We minimise the use of chemicals and plastic
  • See our extensive list of Sustainable practices in our Parent Manual

Inclusive practices

Inclusion is at the foundation of our values, providing programs for all children including those with additional needs. We practice:

  • openly valuing and accepting all children
  • celebrating uniqueness and diversity
  • enabling all children to have equal opportunity to participate in all experiences

We’re funded for interpreting services provided by All Graduates. We can use and issue the Interpreter Card and can arrange face-to-face, telephone or online interpreter services to assist families in translation of any information regarding the Centre. See also, Victorian Multicultural Commission external_link_icon.

Additional support for families

The Federal Government funds an Inclusion and Professional Support Program external_link_icon. We link families to appropriate networks, support families in challenging circumstances and encourage parents to work with us to minimise difficulties. See also, Childcare Access and Equity Resource Support Unit inclusive practices external_link_icon.

Website accessibility

To enhance inclusion and access to our website we use:

  • alternative text for images and links
  • plain language, avoiding jargon
  • high contrast text and backgrounds
  • your feedback is welcome