Philosophy and values

Coburg Children’s Centre Inc. is a nurturing community made up of children, families and staff. In our nature-based setting we value diversity, wellbeing, learning and development, environmental responsibility, and fun.

We believe

Our nurturing community

Our nurturing community

  • Children are active communicators; they give and receive information in different ways
  • Children have a developing sense of identity; this reflects their inner and outer worlds
  • Children’s wellbeing is fundamental to their happiness; this is a reflection of the physical, social and emotional aspects of their lives and the values at the essence of their being
  • Children are a vital and valued part of the community; community includes people, places and culture which starts in the family household, extending to the local environment and wider world
  • Children’s learning and development is an individual process; children’s confidence in their ability to learn comes when they are actively and purposefully involved in play

We embrace and carry out our philosophy in our daily work with, and care of, your children.

Find out about our leading sustainability and inclusion practices. Parents will be invited to participate in the review of our philosophy.

Our values

Our service has an ethos of acceptance, inclusion, and recognition of abilities:

  • we value diversity: there is no place for bias, inequality, exclusion, discrimination or stereotypical attitudes
  • we openly accept each family’s uniqueness and provide support for the family as a whole
  • most importantly our values are supported by our attitude and our reputation within the community in which we take great pride

Our values underpin our work with children at the Centre and they are interpreted in the context of the Victorian Government’s Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework external_link_icon and Australian Early Years Learning Framework external_link_icon.