Centre management


Strong governance is vital to our work

Coburg Children’s Centre Inc. is a stand-alone, financially independent not-for-profit community childcare service, governed by our…

Board of Management

  • Made up of parents, guardians and Association members
  • Makes major management decisions about finances, service delivery and broad policy – doesn’t fundraise or become involved in day-to-day administration
  • Meets monthly for one hour; meeting open to all parents
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May
  • Members contribute to the Centre and learn about its operations

Policy documents, executive duties, constitution, legal agreement, meeting minutes and how to nominate available on request. See also, Organisational structure in the Parent Manual.

Confidentiality, privacy and access statement

The Coburg Children’s Centre – Board of Management members, educators and students – are bound by the Commonwealth Privacy Act external_link_icon. The Privacy and access statement in the Parent Manual summarises obligations, rights and how we collect and manage information. See also, National FOI and privacy regulator external_link_icon.

Annual report