Centre future

Centre future

We’ll ensure we don’t lose any of the magic when the Centre relocates

The Coburg Children’s Centre and Moreland City Council have jointly committed to relocate our centre to a new site in the heart of Coburg. View the full joint Communiqué announcing the move MSWord.

It’s an exciting prospect to move to a new building and away from busy Bell St. We will ensure we do not lose any of the magic of the Centre in the move, and we don’t anticipate any disruption to child-care services.

We’ll bring the chickens, water tanks, and any trees and plants that can be transplanted to the new site. And importantly bring our love of children, community, diversity, nature and learning.

The Coburg Children’s Centre Board and Moreland City Council external_link_icon are working together to make this happen. As information becomes available we will share this with everyone.

Feel free to knock on Marlene’s door if you wish to discuss any aspect of the planned relocation.